Western & English Today enhances your brand’s image among retailers. With informed editorial, striking photography and high production values, the “third-party voice” of an expertly done trade magazine, accompanied by your advertising message, will earn your company a much higher degree of trust than a competitor with similar products that does not invest in trade advertising.

Western & English Today helps you sell more to your existing customers. How? Because they have already established a buying relationship with you, they are more inclined to act quickly when they see your new products advertised in Western & English Today. Whether it’s new products you’re introducing, or product lines you’re extending, Western & English Today acts as your “advance team” to your best prospects.

Western & English Today adds productivity to sales calls. We all know how expensive in-person sales calls are. Consistent trade advertising keeps your brand and your new products in front of retailers — so that when your sales rep walks through the retailer’s door, the manager is more likely to say, “I just saw your new line in Western & English Today,” than “what new line?” The pre-selling work we do puts you well on the road to a sale.

Western & English Today is cost-effective. At the one-time, four-color, full-page rate, it costs you less than 48 cents per retailer to reach all the nation’s best prospects for selling your products. You can’t even mail them all a First-Class letter for that; let alone, your advertising message printed on 60-pound coated stock, and wrapped in dozens of messages and marketing tips to increase their store’s profitability.


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