Advertising in Western & English Today enhances your brand’s image throughout the industry. With informed editorial content, striking photography, and thoughtfully curated product spotlights, we can position your ads to help you achieve a greater degree of trust and confidence from the industry’s heavy hitters.

Western & English Today also helps you sell more to your existing customers. Your presence in the magazine encourages them to act more quickly when they see your new products advertised. Whether it’s single items you’re introducing or product lines you’re extending, Western & English Today is a highly effective “advance team.” 

Western & English Today adds productivity to sales calls. We all know how expensive in-person sales calls can be. Consistent trade advertising keeps your brand and your new products in front of retailers so that when your sales rep walks through the retailer’s door, the manager is likely to say, “I just saw your new line in Western & English Today.” We get the word out industry-wide before you make the call.

Western & English Today is cost-effective. At the one-time, four-color, full-page rate, it costs you less than 48 cents per retailer to reach all of the nation’s best prospects for selling your products. You can’t even mail them all a first-class letter for that price. With us, your advertising message is printed on 60-pound coated stock and accompanies prime content and tips for increasing marketability. 

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